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Website Traffic Analysis

You built it. Did they come? If so, from email, a search engine, a link on a partner's website? And, while you?re at it, what did they do and see, how long did they spend doing it, and where did they go next? Imagine how your business could profit from this knowledge!

This kind of information and much more is available to InfoFirst clients through our customizable website traffic analysis service, NetAuditNow. Our traffic analysis measures the effectiveness of the technical and business choices that you've made when building your website and promoting traffic to it. Then, we integrate those results back into the ongoing business planning and execution process. That?s why the websites of clients who employ InfoFirst's website traffic analysis just keep getting better with age.

InfoFirst offers a dedicated visitor tracking service for clients seeking to improve their understanding of how visitors interact with their websites. NetAuditNow allows website managers to efficiently outsource their Internet traffic analysis and reporting services, while maximizing the effectiveness of their ebusiness and emarketing strategies and improving their ROI.

InfoFirst also provides E-Analysis Website Traffic Consulting Services, which guide clients in the planning, design and implementation of advanced website traffic analysis and reporting strategies.

Please to express your interest. We'll promptly get back to you to learn about your needs, and to discuss ways we can customize a website traffic analysis program that's perfect for your website and your business.


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