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Content Management System

IF/CMS - The InfoFirst Content Management System

InfoFirst has developed an integrated web site management system that allows for flexibility and control over the content of a web site without the high cost usually associated with custom web sites.

The IF/CMS enables you to publish virtually any kind of web content from basic text to interactive areas, including online discussions, target emails, headline syndication, calendars, and member-only areas. The IF/CMS gives you complete control over the presentation, behavior and interactivity of your web site.

The IF/CMS allows content managers the ability to easily make edits to the website with a user-friendly interface that any one can use. This system uploads your content automatically and users can edit a single document and have it updated on the entire website. Pages can be linked and time sensitive information can be preset to expire, eliminating the need to manually remove content. Control over content changes is maintained through different levels of access privileges.

The code used by InfoFirst is compatible with virtually all server operating systems so it can be hosted anywhere and gives you the ability to choose any ISP. The IF/CMS is powerful, fast, versatile and easy to use.

With the IF/CMS you have the flexibility to build your site in ways that satisfy your current business goals and, with websites starting at under $5,000, stay within your available budget.

Try it, You'll like it!


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