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U.S. 1 Newspaper, Princeton, NJ - Have you done the cell phone ring dance?

That's the spontaneous reaction that happens when you're standing in a group and someone's cell phone starts ringing. Suddenly everyone is bending over to fumble in their pockets or frantically dig in their bags to check whether it's their phone that is ringing.

Of course, if your phone has a distinctive ring sound then you can just look on calmly while everyone else is doing the dance. Recent cell phones do provide a small selection of built-in rings to customize the tone, but you will find that common selections like the William Tell Overture soon become more annoying than individualistic. And people really want to customize their gizmos anyway, not only with colorful faceplates for their phones, but also with a very distinctive ring tone.

Enter Blabtones. DotPhoto and InfoFirst introduced the new Blabtones ring tone service through Verizon Wireless at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) Wireless 2003 conference in New Orleans on Monday, March 17. "For the first time ever, cell phone users can create their own ringtones," says dotPhoto's Glenn Paul.

The Blabtones service adds the ability to create your own recordings as ring tones. The new phones not only have great sound chips to play audio clips, they also provide the ability to assign individual ring tones to specific callers. "You'll have phones that actually talk to you when they ring," says Paul, "`Come on honey, pick up! It's really me.'" Similarly, you can use distinctive ring tones to identify high-priority and less urgent callers.

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